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Moms in Touch Group Locator: Enhancing the Power of Prayers for Mothers

Motherhood is a journey filled with joy, challenges, and endless responsibilities. From the moment a woman becomes a mother, her life is transformed. She is no longer just responsible for herself, but for another precious life. With this in mind, it is no surprise that mothers often feel overwhelmed, anxious, and in need of support. This is where Moms in Touch Group Locator comes into play – a powerful network of mothers who come together to pray for their children and schools.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is easy for mothers to feel isolated and disconnected from their support system. However, Moms in Touch Group Locator provides a platform for mothers to connect with other like-minded moms in their community. This organization was founded in 1984 by Fern Nichols, a mother who was concerned about her children’s education. She realized the importance of prayer in her children’s lives and schools, and the impact it could have on the community. She started by gathering a group of mothers to pray for their children and their schools, and from there, Moms in Touch Group Locator was born.

The mission of Moms in Touch Group Locator is to bring mothers together to pray for their children and schools. The power of prayer is undeniable, and when mothers come together to pray, it creates a powerful and positive impact. This organization has spread to over 140 countries, with thousands of mothers coming together every week to pray for their children and schools. The power of Moms in Touch Group Locator lies in its simplicity – mothers praying for their children and schools, nothing more, nothing less.

One of the core values of Moms in Touch Group Locator is confidentiality. Mothers are encouraged to share their prayer requests and concerns within the group, knowing that it will be kept confidential. This creates a safe and supportive space for mothers to open up and share their struggles without fear of judgment. It also allows mothers to be vulnerable and honest, which is crucial for building authentic relationships. As the saying goes, “a problem shared is a problem halved,” and this is exactly what happens within Moms in Touch Group Locator. Mothers find comfort and strength in knowing that they are not alone in their struggles.

The structure of Moms in Touch Group Locator is simple yet effective. Each group consists of four to twelve mothers who meet weekly for one hour to pray for their children and schools. The group follows a specific prayer format, which includes praising God, silent confession, praying for children’s needs, and praying for teachers and schools. Each mother takes turns to pray, and the group leader ensures that everyone has a chance to share their concerns and praises. This structured format allows mothers to focus on the needs of their children and schools, rather than getting sidetracked by other topics.

Apart from the weekly meetings, Moms in Touch Group Locator also hosts monthly leadership meetings. These meetings are designed to equip and encourage group leaders to facilitate their groups effectively. It also provides an opportunity for group leaders to connect and share their experiences, challenges, and victories. This support system is crucial for group leaders, as they play a vital role in keeping the group together and ensuring that it runs smoothly.

One of the highlights of Moms in Touch Group Locator is the annual “Day of Prayer for Schools.” This event is held on the first Thursday of every November, where mothers all over the world come together to pray for their children and schools. It is a powerful and unifying event that brings mothers from different backgrounds, cultures, and denominations together for one common goal – to pray for their children and schools. The impact of this event goes beyond the physical gathering; it is a reminder that mothers all over the world are united in prayer for their children.

Moms in Touch Group Locator also offers resources and materials for mothers who want to start a group in their community. These materials include a leader’s manual, prayer cards, and a variety of books on prayer and parenting. These resources are designed to equip and guide mothers in leading their groups effectively. It also serves as a reminder that they are not alone in their journey, and there is a supportive community behind them.

In a world where mothers are bombarded with information, opinions, and expectations, Moms in Touch Group Locator provides a safe haven for mothers to come together and pray. It is a reminder that as mothers, we cannot do it all on our own, and it is okay to ask for help and support. The power of prayer is amplified when mothers come together to pray for their children and schools. It is a beautiful and humbling experience to know that there are other mothers praying for your child’s well-being and success.

In conclusion, Moms in Touch Group Locator is a powerful organization that is transforming the lives of mothers, children, and schools. It provides a platform for mothers to connect, share, and pray for their children and schools. The impact of this organization goes beyond the physical gathering; it creates a ripple effect in the community. Mothers are empowered, children are thriving, and schools are experiencing positive change. As the saying goes, “a mother’s prayer can move mountains,” and with Moms in Touch Group Locator, mothers are coming together to move mountains for their children and schools.

popular children’s authors 2017

Title: The Beloved Children’s Authors of 2017: Inspiring Imagination and Captivating Young Minds

Children’s literature is a magical realm that sparks imagination, nurtures creativity, and promotes a love for reading. In 2017, numerous talented authors captured the hearts and minds of young readers worldwide. From enchanting tales of adventure to heartwarming stories that teach valuable life lessons, these authors have left an indelible mark on children’s literature. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular children’s authors of 2017 and their unforgettable works.

1. J.K. Rowling – Continuing the Magic:
No list of popular children’s authors would be complete without mentioning J.K. Rowling. Although her iconic Harry Potter series concluded in 2007, Rowling continued to captivate young readers with her screenplay-turned-novel, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” This magical journey into the wizarding world delighted both new and old fans alike, ensuring Rowling’s enduring popularity.

2. Rick Riordan – Mythology Meets Modernity:
Known for his mastery in bringing ancient mythologies to life, Rick Riordan was a favorite among young readers in 2017. His “The Trials of Apollo” series, which follows the adventures of the god Apollo turned mortal, enthralled readers with its humor, action, and fascinating blend of ancient myths and modern-day settings.

3. Jeff Kinney – Diary of a Wimpy Kid:
Jeff Kinney’s “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series has been a staple of children’s literature since its debut in 2007. In 2017, Kinney released the 12th installment, “The Getaway,” which had children laughing out loud as they followed the misadventures of Greg Heffley and his family on a tropical vacation. Kinney’s relatable characters and humorous storytelling continue to resonate with young readers.

4. R.J. Palacio – Spreading Kindness and Empathy:
R.J. Palacio’s debut novel, “Wonder,” touched the hearts of readers of all ages. The story of August Pullman, a young boy with a facial deformity, and his struggles to fit in at school, inspired kindness and empathy in its readers. “Wonder” became a sensation in 2017, leading to a film adaptation and making Palacio one of the most beloved children’s authors of the year.

5. Dav Pilkey – The Unstoppable Captain Underpants:
Dav Pilkey’s “Captain Underpants” series has been entertaining children for over two decades, and 2017 was no exception. With the release of the twelfth book, “Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot,” Pilkey continued to engage young readers with his hilarious and imaginative tales of two mischievous boys and their superhero principal.

6. Angie Thomas – Addressing Social Issues:
Angie Thomas made a significant impact in 2017 with her powerful debut novel, “The Hate U Give.” Although primarily aimed at young adults, this thought-provoking work resonated with older children as well. Through the eyes of protagonist Starr Carter, Thomas explores themes of racial inequality, social justice, and finding one’s voice in a divided world.

7. Sarah J. Maas – Epic Fantasy for Young Readers:
Sarah J. Maas enchanted readers with her epic fantasy series, “A Court of Thorns and Roses.” This gripping tale, filled with magic, romance, and adventure, transported young readers to a world of faeries and legends. Maas’s lyrical writing style and intricate world-building made her a popular choice among young fantasy enthusiasts in 2017.

8. Kate DiCamillo – Celebrating Friendship and Courage:
Kate DiCamillo, a beloved children’s author, continued to win hearts in 2017 with her novel “Raymie Nightingale.” Set in the 1970s, this heartwarming story follows Raymie Clarke, a young girl determined to win a local beauty pageant to bring her father back home. DiCamillo’s tender exploration of friendship, loss, and resilience resonated deeply with young readers.

9. Adam Rubin – The Hilarious Duo of Dragons:
Adam Rubin’s collaboration with illustrator Daniel Salmieri resulted in two delightful picture books, “Dragons Love Tacos” and “Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel,” in 2017. These whimsical tales of dragons and their insatiable love for tacos brought joy and laughter to young readers. Rubin’s witty storytelling and Salmieri’s vibrant illustrations made the dragons an unforgettable duo.

10. Mac Barnett – Mystery and Imagination:
Mac Barnett’s imaginative and suspenseful stories continued to captivate young readers in 2017. His book “The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse” took readers on a thrilling adventure as a mouse and a duck outsmarted a wolf. Barnett’s ability to blend humor, mystery, and a touch of darkness has made him a favorite among children who love tales that keep them on the edge of their seats.

The year 2017 saw an abundance of remarkable children’s authors who enriched the lives of young readers. From magical worlds to real-life struggles, these authors inspired imagination, fostered empathy, and encouraged a love for reading. Whether through timeless series or thought-provoking stand-alone novels, the popular children’s authors of 2017 have left an enduring impact on children’s literature, ensuring that the magic of storytelling continues to thrive.

view call history at&t

Are you an AT&T customer looking to view your call history? You’re in the right place! In this article, we will guide you through the process of accessing and viewing your call history with AT&T. Whether you’re using a mobile device or a landline, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and explore how you can easily view your call history with AT&T.

AT&T is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, providing a wide range of services to millions of customers. Keeping track of your call history can be useful for various reasons, such as reviewing recent calls, identifying unknown numbers, or monitoring your communication patterns. Luckily, AT&T offers several methods to access and view your call history, depending on the type of device you’re using.

If you’re an AT&T mobile customer, you can easily view your call history through the myAT&T app. This app allows you to manage your account, check your usage, pay your bills, and much more. To access your call history, follow these steps:

1. Download and install the myAT&T app from your device’s app store.
2. Open the app and log in to your AT&T account using your credentials.
3. Once logged in, navigate to the “My Usage” section of the app.
4. Look for the “Call History” or “Usage Details” option. This may vary slightly depending on the app version.
5. Select the desired date range or specific numbers you want to view.
6. The app will display a list of your recent calls, including the date, time, duration, and contact information.

If you prefer to access your call history online, you can do so through the AT&T website. Here’s how:

1. Open your preferred web browser and visit the AT&T website (
2. Log in to your AT&T account using your username and password.

3. Once logged in, navigate to the “My AT&T” section.
4. Look for the “Usage” or “Call History” option. This may be located under the “My Wireless” or “My Account” tab.
5. Select the desired date range or specific numbers you want to view.
6. The website will display a detailed list of your calls, including the date, time, duration, and contact information.

In addition to the myAT&T app and website, you can also view your call history directly from your AT&T device. Here’s how to do it on different devices:

For AT&T landline phones:
1. Pick up your landline phone receiver.
2. Dial *61 from your AT&T landline phone and wait for the voice prompt.
3. Follow the voice prompts to access your call history.

For AT&T mobile phones:
1. Open the phone app on your AT&T mobile device.
2. Tap the “Recents” or “Recent Calls” tab at the bottom of the screen.
3. You will see a list of your recent calls, including the date, time, and contact information.

Now that you know how to access and view your call history with AT&T, let’s discuss some additional features and tips that can enhance your experience:

1. Filtering options: AT&T allows you to filter your call history by type, such as incoming, outgoing, or missed calls. This can help you quickly find specific calls or identify patterns in your communication.
2. Exporting call history: If you need to save or share your call history, AT&T provides options to export it as a CSV or PDF file. This can be useful for record-keeping or submitting call logs for business purposes.
3. Deleting call history: If you wish to remove specific calls from your history, you can do so within the myAT&T app or website. Simply select the calls you want to delete and follow the provided instructions.
4. Call blocking: If you’re receiving unwanted or spam calls, AT&T offers call blocking services that allow you to block specific numbers or enable automatic blocking based on known spam patterns.
5. Call details restrictions: Depending on your AT&T plan or account settings, you may have limitations on accessing certain call details. For example, prepaid plans may only provide basic call information, while postpaid plans offer more comprehensive details.

It’s important to note that call history is typically available for a limited period, usually up to 60-90 days, depending on your AT&T plan. After this period, older call records may be removed, so it’s advisable to regularly review and save any important call information.

In conclusion, AT&T provides various methods for customers to view their call history, including the myAT&T app, website, and direct access from AT&T devices. Whether you’re an AT&T mobile or landline user, you can easily access and review your recent calls, helping you stay organized and informed. Remember to take advantage of additional features such as filtering, exporting, and call blocking to further enhance your call history management. Stay connected and enjoy the convenience of accessing your AT&T call history whenever you need it.

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